Why solar plant cleaning is important?

Why Solar Plant Cleaning Is Important

You have come a long way with Soleos, the leading solar EPC company in Ahmedabad. We are glad that you chose us and the installation part is done. But Soleos doesn’t leave you in the middle. Being the best solar EPC company in Ahmedabad, we are here to give some tips on the maintenance of solar panels.

Now you need to gear up yourself for plant monitoring to optimize it for better functioning while Soleos guides you.

From enjoying the benefits of solar energy, it requires maintenance too; it will only benefit you if you keep a look at their health timely. 

 Soleos Solar panels are low maintenance; they have reduced our electricity bills and energy savings and help us protect the environment by controlling emissions.

Ignoring the necessity of cleaning the solar plant often turns into slow efficiency. People generally do not understand the importance of cleaning the solar plant on time.

To keep your solar plant healthy, you need to maintain it by giving it a service and removing grimes over the Soleos solar panels. 

 Soleos solar panels frequently cleaned and maintained tend to be more efficient and have better output in generating electricity eventually lasting longer.

Being the leading solar EPC company in Ahmedabad, Soleos knows that regular check-ups and cleaning often help you save big stash from burning and cut down the maintenance cost so that you don’t need to compromise with its functionality while working with Soleos.

Do not depend on rainwater to clean your solar panels. That will just chuck away the thick dust particles or some pollen. But it will not clean the solar panels properly. 
As solar panels are glass-coated so as Soleos solar panels, eventually dust settles on them, and slowly it reduces the absorption of sunlight, which will start weakening the cells of the panels and reduce the output.

As the panels are directly exposed to the sun, it’s normal to get dirty as the dust settles down each day on the surface of the panels. 
Though the glass on the panel is strong enough, they need to be taken care of more often as they need proper care to get clean to avoid any scratches and damage.

Below are 7 reasons why solar panel cleaning is important:


It depends upon the locality where you stay. There may be a lot of greenery near you that will automatically attract the birds. 
Bird droppings don’t get washed away with rain; they are cleaned manually. Therefore, a lot of bird poop will reduce power generation. 

Make sure how you angled your Soleos solar panels as angled panels will not accumulate thick dust easily, and eventually, rainwater will wash off some dust. While flat panels usually accumulate dust residue on them and take time to clean.

Cleaning is a mandatory condition that comes under a warranty by most solar manufacturers. 
Under this, if your panel gets damaged or not able to perform than usual. Therefore, if you cannot prove that you have been cleaning and maintaining them well, you can’t claim the warranty! 
It’s better to follow the mandatory condition to get the warranty in case you are facing any issue with the panels.

Undoubtedly, regular cleaning helps the panels to retain their health. In addition, cleaning at intervals will lead to increase efficiency. 
According to some stats, cleaned panels result in an efficiency of up to 20% and it varies upon the residential and commercial arrays. 
To keep your panels efficient and maximize health, regular cleaning is a must. 
Generally, people do not know or realize when cleaning is required. Therefore, keep a good eye on your solar plant regularly for better conditions.

Obviously, No. Rainwater is never the solution to an intense cleaning that your solar panels need. It’s not a good idea that you depend on rainwater to clean your panels. 

However, rainwater can remove a cloud of thick dust, but the bird droppings and residue of mud and pollution will sustain on the panels. 
You need to take professional help to clean up your panels. You can usually clean your panels twice a year or depending upon the locality you live.

You can’t safeguard your solar panels with the natural things like dust and dirt present in the air. So gradually, the dust started settling down on the surface of the panels, which results in lower sun absorption. 
Later, the dust minimizes the panels’ efficiency, and unfortunately, it starts hiring on your ROI. We don’t want to ignore such losses and situations; regular cleaning is required for panels.

You have invested a huge amount to get this solar plant. Definitely, you would not want to dent your pocket. If you will not clean your panels and maintain them regularly, this will certainly affect your ROI. 
As cleaning helps the cells to work properly and efficiently.

Before cleaning, an inspection is done to make sure that everything is fine and working well. 
Cleaning helps you do a proper inspection of your solar plant and evaluate the present condition of your panels, which will help you, maximize the output of your solar plant.

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It depends upon the areas, like if you live near a factory or over-polluted areas. Then a weekly cleaning is recommended to avoid any damage to your panels.

Suppose you live in a moderate climate where the pollution is relatively less. Therefore, you can clean it on a monthly cycle or fortnight.

With frequent cleaning, you will not waste a lot of water because dust or bird droppings can be removed with a soaked sponge. This way, you’ll save both water and the environment.

Dust residue often blocks the sun from reaching the cells; one weak cell will affect the entire panel as all are connected in series. Thus, it will reduce the efficiency of the entire panel.

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As the leading solar EPC company in Ahmedabad, Soleos has brought you some facts that you should know while cleaning solar panels.

solar clining

Hence, according to the best Solar EPC company in Ahmedabad, it is important to clean your solar plant whenever it’s required. A new solar plant doesn’t need much maintenance, but it needs cleaning and maintenance, which will increase its efficiency. 
Ignoring such things will lead to loss and damage to your solar plant, and you can’t even claim the warranty under such circumstances.  
Washing it off with the right solution and method is recommended; no harsh washing is allowed on panels. Make sure to shut down the entire system before cleaning. 
Better to take the help of a professional team. For better output, always keep it clean!