Why Renewable Energy Is Important For The Future

Why Renewable Energy Is Important For The Future

Soleos, being the leading solar EPC and solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad has brought you some information about why we exist and why are we growing. Soleos solar panel is a medium for achieving the better world that we dream of. So, let Soleos give a vision of what all this is for.

With an increase in pollution and population in developing countries like India, where the main source of energy is dependent on coal. The real challenge came up: how we can meet our energy requirement without negotiating with the environment. And this is what Soleos stands for.

Lately, India has decided to go green with the use and implementation of solar panels and Soleos solar panel is one of them. As a result, India has become the affordable producer of solar panels across the globe within a short period.

With its target of producing 20 GW capacity by 2022. India is an emerging market for solar, already overtaking many markets across the globe; besides the USA, India with the leading solar EPC and solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad is becoming the second-largest solar power market in the world. 

Today, the world still intensely depends on non-renewable energy sources and even keeps sponsoring them. But, in the interim, the contamination they cause – from environment harming ozone-depleting substances to wellbeing jeopardizing particles – has arrived at record levels. Also, when something turns out badly, for instance, when the Deepwater Horizon oil stage detonated in 2010, the results are dramatic.

What Is Renewable Energy?

Before knowing about Soleos, you must know what is renewable energy. 

The energy is derived from natural resources without affecting the ecosystem and climate. Such as energy from the air, sun, waves, biogas, rain all are present naturally on earth. Soleos, the leading Solar EPC and solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad work on making the environment.

They are all beneficial in their forms and available almost everywhere easily, and the best part is that they are less harmful to the environment or the planet.

Since 2011, sustainable power is becoming quicker than any remaining energy structures. Sustainable power had another record-breaking year in 2020, as the introduced power limit became more than 256 gigawatts (GW) – its biggest increment ever. Over 29% of our power presently comes from sustainable power – and this continues to develop.

The Government of India has now made a comprehensive policy for the compulsory use of renewable energy. Private sectors made a huge investment in renewable energy all because of the support by the Government of India. Soleos can see the usage and installation of solar plants specially Soleos solar panels in big commercial buildings or government establishments.

The Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources is now focusing more on renovation and development across the nation through the establishment of commercial projects of watermills and solar plants as we do not want any more fossil fuel dominant future.

How is 100% Renewable Energy Is Possible?

The whole world can turn green with the use of renewable energy and is the best solar EPC and solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad, we will help you to go green with Soleos solar, but it will grow slowly. The two most popular and trending renewable energies are wind and solar plants. Even Saudi Arabia, an oil-producing country, is planning to go completely on renewable energy by 2040.

Not only are these helping the ecosystem but also the communities to get employed. At the same time, solar panels come with long-term potential for anyone with a rooftop installation. 
It is said that the use of solar power will rise to 50% in the near future. And we hope that Soleos solar will be a great contributor.

Which Renewable Energy Is More Promising?

Solar power and wind power are both going hand in hand, but both have their pros and cons. 
For example: – Places with less daylight will not be able to produce enough power with solar, so there might be a good source of wind. 
It doesn’t mean that solar will not work there; solar and wind power is growing day by day, and it’s the most promising renewable energy in the world; slowly, it will take over the use of fossil fuel across the globe.

Key To Clean Future- Solar Power

Solar panels work on energy from the sun, and nowhere is the sun going to get scarce in nature. Sun gives unlimited energy every day on earth. We can utilize it immensely without a stop. 

The best and healthiest part of installing a solar plant is that it doesn’t emit CO₂, which saves the environment and keeps the ecosystem safe.

Solar plant investment is quite affordable as it generates energy from sunlight or daylight. It doesn’t require additional fuel to work or generate electricity. So, it does not have any extra cost.

You can use a Solar plant for your residential or commercial use. As everything is going electric now, such as cars, cooking, and buses, this trend will go up in the near future.

Slowly, things are shifting from fossil fuel usage to renewable energy, and it’s the reality.

The Future of Renewable Energy with Solar

The electricity produced in India is generally centralized and has a grid-based distribution. Therefore, many Indians to date do not get the power at their homes. To provide every citizen with electricity which is Soleos solar energy, we being the best solar EPC and solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad are working hard. Moreover, renewable energy is easy to produce as the sun is everywhere, and it generates a good amount of energy.

Whereas wind is everywhere, the government can establish windmills. 

The vision of renewable energy by the government is to benefit all small-scale generators like households, offices where people can generate energy with solar panels and extra generated energy back to the grid.

The role of the grid will change from the main supplier to be the one that will trade surplus power among the generators. With this, the big DISCOMS will gradually diminish, and mini-DISCOMS will take their place.

Benefits With Renewable Energy

With the installation of solar panels, there will be no greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere as the sun gives enough energy in a day to produce electricity more in a green form without causing damage to the environment. Thus, solar energy is more of a clean and green source to produce power.

The other sources of energy that produce electricity result in huge combustion of greenhouse gas emissions which leads to global warming. 
Unlike, renewable energy on the other hand results in no or fewer emissions which is safe for the planet and humans.

An increase in fossil fuel usage in transportation, industries, and power production and open incineration (burning of waste) cause air and water pollution.

In developing countries like India, many houses in villages or people who can’t afford LPG still depend on fossil fuel to cook food or lighten up their homes at night, which results in poor air quality.

With the use of solar panels in villages, people will get electricity at a minimum cost that will not harm their lungs; they can use electricity for cooking.

Renewable energies are present naturally on earth; you do not need to pay for them; you just need to install equipment to generate power with no additional cost of buying renewable energy.

Geopolitical strife often comes with increasing energy prices and limited access to resources. Since renewable energy is produced naturally, it is less affected by geopolitical crises, price spikes, or sudden disruptions in the supply chain.

If operationalized, this will revolutionize the way power is produced and consumed in India. As a result, millions of households would produce and consume their electricity.

Thousands of renewable energy-based mini-grids would promote millions of small businesses and social entrepreneurs to create local jobs and build local economies.

The way of life in villages will improve, which will ensure women empowerment, better health, and education. Therefore, there cannot be a better development agenda for the country.

During bad weather conditions also, you won’t be affected by the power cuts; renewable energy is more resilient.

Industries and businesses invest in renewable energy to avoid any power disruptions. 

Renewables make non-rural energy infrastructures more independent from remote sources and the grid.

Renewable energy, the new source of generating power, is now growing rapidly in developing countries because of its low cost. 
People living in rural areas or city slums where the access to power was less can now easily enjoy the use of electricity with solar panels.

Where Can We Use Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is used in any energy sector, whether transportation, industry, household, buildings. For example, one can use renewable energy for thermal cooling and heating. 

For example: – In transportation, we can use sustainable biofuels—increase in the number of electric vehicles.

A rise in fuel prices is already affecting the transport sector. With the use of electric vehicles or biofuel, we can accomplish and promote energy efficiency and conservation. 

For industry use: – Renewable energy can be used in industries such as food or paper industries. The hydrogen gas produced by renewable energy can later be used by the industrial process in the iron and steel industries.


To protect the climate, get employment, get power, build up the local economy, and move towards a better and healthy future for India with the leading solar EPC and solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad. 

Renewable energy will help the earth from destruction in the name of powering the world. 

The only way to avoid fossil fuel usage is to say no to big DISCOMS and let the mini-DISCOMS come in. Then, avail the free electricity for better living.