What factors affect your EPC rating and Why?

what factors affect our EPC rating and why

India has visibly seen a remarkable transition towards using renewable energy sources over recent years. And Solar energy has gained considerable momentum, apparently. This sector offers huge potential and attention due to its business prospects. Many new ventures and establishments are jumping in the bandwagon to offer services in such dealings. Therefore, it is paramount to trade with Certified and Legit Solar EPC companies in the Indian market. Since the companies are labor-intensive and often deal with large-scale projects, opting for a reliable source is wise. Decision-making is an art and is one of the main vital aspects of any industry. The solar sector is no different from this convention.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) within the alternative energy sector could be a contracting arrangement that makes the EPC contractor liable for all the design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and handover of the project to the end-user or the asset-owner.

To review the credibility of the company and to safeguard the interests of the end-user or the owner, allow Soleos, one of the leading solar EPC companies in Ahmedabad to dissect some elements that have to be realized while procuring Solar EPC Services.

Following are the factors that have to be emphasized upon taking any decision in this regard.

Solar projects embrace an excellent range of components. And for every element, options are many in consideration with quality and value range. Once you define an exhaustive scope of supplies and services, from solar panels to connections, your plant is ensured to possess a long, prosperous life. Watch out for contracts only in solar capacity with no information handed over for number, total, and make of solar modules, inverters, and many more. Also, keep into consideration the formal aspects of the EPC processes.

Unlike Soleos, every EPC contractor shows a graph of savings and payback supported electricity generation, which is unfortunately exaggerated fairly often. Savings and paybacks run collaterally with solar projects. An honest contractor like Soleos which one of the leading solar EPC companies in Ahmedabad guarantees the required electricity generation, and a fair contract successfully covers that. Now alternative energy is predicated on the sunshine, and sun rays can’t be guaranteed. So, the EPC contractors typically guarantee a Performance Ratio, as per which if the sun is usually shining, a minimum amount of electricity is guaranteed. An interesting point to think about now is that a solar EPC contractor can only guarantee generation if he’s also performing O&M on the plant. So, either your EPC contractor has to enter an O&M agreement in addition or must possibly ensure generation over some weeks or months, so confidence of minimum age is often concluded.

Terms and conditions and the payment amount can get tricky if you do not pay proper attention to taxation, returns, and exclusions. There may be hidden exclusions or confusing clauses within the EPC contract, like unloading of kit, documentation, and costs for statutory clearances that one must watch out for. The most effective course is to create everything all-inclusive.

There are diverse options available in the market when it comes to solar EPC providers and choosing the right one mitigates the risk involved in the journey. Looking for the most straightforward solution must be taken seriously in an exceedingly circumspective manner. These four aspects will facilitate you in your quest to seek out the perfect solar EPC partner.

Why Choose Us?

We are India’s leading and acclaimed solar EPC company Soleos – one of the leading solar EPC companies in Ahmedabad. We offer you the premium quality service at a considerable price, Your One-Stop Solution all Energy Needs. We work on considerable attributes as mentioned below.

Holistic Solution Provider

Being one of the leading solar EPC companies in Ahmedabad, our goal is to live up to every customer, while accommodating a complete package of their solar need, right from pre-feasibility analysis to installation and commissioning. We leave no stone unturned, be it Logistics, supply chain management, and control team provide in-house multiple levels of services, and hence you do not have to rely on anyone else except us. 

Quality Service

Soleos is acknowledged for using Premium Quality Material for its services. The efficiency and effectiveness of material used by us are core definitions of quality, which are exclusively made under the expertise of German technology, which increases the durability of the prepared products of power projects and makes us one of the fastest growing solar EPC companies in Ahmedabad.

Finance Support & Insurance Policy

Your share of the financial burden is in our head, as we simplify the hassle by providing insurance support while reducing the turn-around time and waiting period. Insurance is given in the form of debts and equity with minimal interest and customized repayment duration. Additional benefits like OPEX or Pay per use is incurred from our end while delivering 100% protection from any undesired frauds.

Experience and Expertise

Our multiple projects which are seemed similar yet distinct show our own versatility, from rooftop projects to ground mount we had entitled several successful projects under our name. The trained team of soloes have adequate knowledge and experience about the loopholes that may happen and cover the voids before their occurrence. Our quality control system with an amplified improved plan of work and knowledge act as a baseline for the whole project.

Customer-Centric Approach

From the ground level, we work for the beneficial growth of our customers; their requirement is our aim for fulfillment. Starting from the need identification till the task completion, we advise the best, keeping in mind the location, socio-economic impact, and risk involved, hence resolving the problems with minute detailing in the best possible manner.

We have undertaken multiple commercial and industrial projects and have offered services stringed with many benefits. As one of the most trustable solar EPC companies in Ahmedabad. We provide solar compliance and hassle-free solutions to all your energy needs. 
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