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Gujarat ranks 5th in the country in terms of Solar power capacity after Karnataka, Telangana, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh. In addition to that Gujarat was reported to be the top state in the deployment of solar power installations. The Kutch solar project is anticipated to be the world’s largest solar park. Gujarat is a power surplus state. Read along to scan the rationality. In terms of energy, Gujarat has undergone a massive transformation in the past few decades. Due to rapid industrialization, Gujarat has become one of the leading states in revolutionizing the energy sector.

 It is one of the best places for investments and development projects with active inclination and support from the Government leading to a stable economy. Moreover, Ahmedabad is known as the Financial Capital of the state. The state of Gujarat accounts for about 9% of the total energy requirement in India. The total solar energy generation of the state accounts for 2654 MW and they are planning to revamp their renewable energy creation to about 30,000 MW by 2022.

In March 2020 Gujarat was the top drawer for domestic rooftop solar installation. With a total of 50,915 which is about 64% of the country’s 70,950 installations. It is backing India in accomplishing its target of 100 GW of the solar capacity of which 40 GW has been planned through the rooftop by gazing its eyes for 8024 MW by 2022, pulling in 3200 MW through the rooftop segment. Its greatest single solar power generation capacity is in Patan’s district Charanka solar park that has current production of 600 MW.

Solar policies of Gujarat State:

 The government of Gujarat put in considerable efforts in uplifting the state in terms of the energy sector. Lately, their initiative of new solar policy extended additional benefits to the residential, individual, and commercial developers or power producers by removing capacity ceiling for setting up a solar project and allowing consumers to lease out their roofs or establishments to the third party for generation and consumption of power in the same premises for the next 5 years from 2021 till December 2025.

Besides State government also approved the group ownership of solar projects on the basis of their ratio of ownership for self-consumption. The energy cost has also been reduced to 4.5 per unit from 8 per unit. In addition to that, the security deposit by a developer to a power distribution company has also been reduced to 5 lakh per MW from 25 lakh per MW. The government is harvesting its solar potential and finally kicking off leaving no stone unturned in achieving its target.

Why is solar favorable in Ahmedabad?

The geographical location of Gujarat, especially Ahmedabad is of great contribution. As the city is situated in the sunny belt of the country, it has exposure to clear sunlight for 300 days a year. This aspect helps the city to produce maximum electricity using solar energy and Soleos is a part of it as the leading solar EPC and solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad.

Why choose Soleos?

One of the most reliable and potent players amongst the leading EPC companies is Soleos. It is a  leading solar EPC company in Ahmedabad which is the major city in Solar Power generation. Soleos is a prime solar EPC company in Ahmedabad offering its expertise and services to various customer segments of pan India. Its services are distinctive providing trademark quality solutions in areas of Solar rooftop, ground mount, and Solar PPA. The industry itself has a promising track record of providing a good return on investment that provides assurance for the performance of the EPC companies.

The attributes of the Soleos are in line with that of the government in achieving an eco-friendly green and sustainable environment with reduced emissions. For more than 15 years Soleos, as the leading solar EPC company, has provided undivided attention to its customers by delivering quality services and thereby increasing customer satisfaction. We have a holistic approach towards our services and in terms of the economic viability of the project, efficiency, and final commissioning our solutions are simply the best in the market. Soleos puts the plans of the customers into actions they like, and also helps them foresee the vivid future and their growth with us, this is what makes us the best solar EPC company in Ahmedabad.