Quality Modules

Positive power output tolerance (+5 Wp)

Excellent low light Performance

PID Resistant modules

Product warranty up to 10 years*

Industry leading third party validation results

Performance Warranty Up to 25 Years*


Our Quality PV Modules


  • Power Range :- 330-355 Wp
  • Efficiency :- 17-18.29
  • Cell :- 72

Mono Perc

  • Power Range:-330-380 Wp
  • Efficiency :- 17-19.58
  • Cell :- 72

Bi-Facial 144

  • Power Range :- 435-460Wp
  • Efficiency :- 19.56-20.68
  • Cell :- 144

Bi-Facial 156

  • Power Range :- 475-505 Wp
  • Efficiency :- 19.77-21.70
  • Cell :- 156

Mono halfcut-156

  • Power Range:-475-505 Wp
  • Efficiency :- 19.77-21.02
  • Cell :- 156

Mono halfcut-144

Cut Cell
  • Power Range :- 435-465 Wp
  • Efficiency :- 19.56-21.91
  • Cell :- 144

Our Manufacture Facility

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and tools to produce the highest quality solar products. Fabrication, sourcing, quality testing unit and packaging, as well as distribution and marketing, are all part of the infrastructure. Our process begins with the procurement of the highest quality raw materials, which we then transform into highly durable and useful products using our machinery.

quality moduls
quality moduls
quality moduls
Manufacturing unit is headed over by the team of mechanical and electrical engineers who are actively focused on high quality products. The machinery used are high level automated which are prepared in Italian and German based company. About More


Soleos ensures to give the best with highest product quality through careful planning, for the above it maintains the essential steps for quality check, like adopting innovative technologies in production process, back and forth mechanical and technical research, components used with continuous check and control to examine and improve the quality.

At Soleos special attention is given towards testing at every stage of production. The obtained results are of accurate quality control and the finish is quite high.


Due to the recent advances and technology, our country is shifting towards the solar Industry, to drag from the conventional to modern sources technology is shifting drastically.

The solar power sections have shown a rapid change depending upon the various innovations and developments. Our solar projects are higher on efficiency, lower on degradation.