Solar Insurance

A Power to Protect the Project

Solar Insurance provides security to the solar panels with enormous investments for life. Safeguarding the solar projects is always a wise decision; insurance saves the expenses of the present and manages for a better future of your project. Soleos provide coverage from the loss and uncertainty and avert the possible risk. The solar industry is the broad segment where we also ensure that the prepared projects have a tailor-made insurance policy to reduce the financial loss.

The coverage we provide to transfer or reduce the financial effects

Machinery or Equipment breakdown

Physical damage on Property

Theft or Burglary

Liability associated with the operation of the solar system.

Soleos excel at preparing the strategical approach for your panels. Provide new, advanced, responsive, and cost-efficient solutions that reduce the financial burden and downplay the risk or uncertainty of renewable energy systems.

Our Process

Step 01

Project Risk

Step 02

Mitigation Plan

Step 03

need Planning

Step 04


Step 05

Cost and Terms negotiation

Step 06


Step 07

Insuring the Risks

Step 08

Claim Management

Step 09

Dispute resolution

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