Industrial Rooftop

No More High Electricity Bill

Using your Rooftop space for investing in solar is a substantial investment for the future, which shows the benefit against the capital saved while giving your share towards protecting the environment.

With the economic growth, Industrial sector is in a boom for every developing country. According to recent report by the year 2035, India is set to grow its energy consumption by 4.2%, to meet up the need energy requirement will increase spontaneously in future. Renewable energy of solar is the key factor to resolve the leveraging demands of energy, with this recently many industries have turned towards Solar energy from conventional grid.

Save Your Electricity Bill up to 100%

Sale Excess Energy to Government

Sale Excess Energy to Government


Manufacturing unit


Textile unit




Cold storage

Let Your Roof Earning For You

A Perfect Roof for Solar

Shadow Free Area

As your rooftop space should be free from shadow of large trees, building, or hoardings which directly affects the source of light, further hampers the efficiency in working of your solar panels.

Size of Roof

Roof size should be wide enough to carry out your requirement. If you need 10 MW solar project in your roof, space must be broad without any difficulty to place the panel.

Type of Roof (Tilt or Flat)

Shape of your roof must be flat with an angle feasible to convert simple roof into solar roof. The design of roof should be without any barrier, which can disturb the panel placement.

Wind Load and Dead Load Capacity

These also consist of engineering design considerations which include seismic behavior analysis, boundary layer wind tunnel testing, and certification.


Reasons to go for Industrial rooftop

  • Reduction in electricity bill by 70%
  • Protection against increased power cost
  • Reduction in carbon emission
  • Support by local government authority
  • Consume the generated power; sell the excess power

Reasons to go with Soleos

  • Technical team on call for managing the project at its best
  • Transform the complicated process into simpler form
  • Experience to manage the troubleshoot and challenges like leaking, screwing of panel
  • Design expertise to manage non-favorable roof direction i.e. GI sheet roof, Proflex roof, Cement sheet roof.
Industrial Rooftop

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