How to maintain Solar Panel for better efficiency?

How to maintain Solar Panel for better efficiency?

There are certain factors that can affect the efficiency of solar panels. Soleos is not only a partner in the solar panel installation but the journey after the installation as well. Being the leading solar EPC company in Ahmedabad, we give you the best solutions for your solar panel from the very beginning to the end. It doesn’t matter what kind of solar projects are there, whether it’s a rooftop project or others. Soleos has established itself as the leading solar rooftop company as well. Let us look at the factors that are needed to be taken care of.

The hustle doesn’t end merely after the successful installation of solar panels. They require periodic monitoring for ensuring optimal performance and security. But the good news is, with Soleos, the leading Solar EPC company in Ahmedabad and the leading Solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad, the maintenance costs are minuscule when compared to the benefits they provide in terms of power supply, energy-saving, emission control, sustainable option and also being pocket friendly. However, a bit of care can pass an extended way.  Regular upkeeps will prevent you from hefty maintenance costs down the road, and sustain your panels exceptionally well.

Be mindful in checking up following aspects given by the best solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad, so you don’t have to compromise with their efficiency later:

Dirt and Debris accumulation

If your solar panels are tilted then you don’t have to go an extra mile to clean the dirt or debris because the rain itself cleanses the area. It is of paramount importance to keep the panels clean so that it doesn’t obstruct the solar radiation eventually compromising the performance. However, if there are extended periods without rain then it is recommended by Soleos to clean your panels two to four times per year. But if somehow your location encounters snowfall you need a hand with extra maintenance since the panels are made up of tempered glasses and temperature disparity affects its efficiency. So it’s better to get rid of any debris from the panel.

Watch out your mounting and roof penetration

As the leading solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad, we know the mounting racks have an important role to play in the efficiency of solar panels. The components are examined properly to ensure the durability and soundness of the structure. In case you come across any leakage do reach out to your service provider instead of self-correcting it.

Review after extreme weather conditions

There is no doubt that the solar panels are durable and have a shelf life of close to 25 years but extreme weather conditions could possibly impact the efficiency. Although they can withstand even the hail and harsh weather, wind if in case they suffer any visible damage you will have to walk through the steps of either replacement or repairing.

System Monitoring

System monitoring is something that contributes to our position as the leading Solar EPC company in Ahmedabad, and we can assure you that it is of great use. A monitoring device is included in your setup, may tune about the performance of your solar panel and the percentage of carbon emission on any given day, and what is the energy yield over time. This helps you to look precisely at how diverse external factors have an effect on your panel’s overall performance and how well they maintain their performance throughout life. It does not only help you to evaluate the performance but also alerts you in case of any impairment or malfunction so that you could actively work on their redressal.

Keep Solar Panel out of shade

One of the biggest mistakes done in solar panel installation that Soleos has seen is that the solar panels are placed under shade. So, ensure that your panel is out of the shade and there isn’t any hindrance in the absorption of the sunlight by the panels. The maximum exposure offers the best results.

Now the best Solar EPC company in Ahmedabad informs you that there is a very clear distinction when we talk about maintenance as there is something called solar panel maintenance and another is PV system maintenance. The latter involves the repair and replacement of components of the system if something goes wrong. Whereas solar panel maintenance refers to the things like cleansing the dirt off or snow to maintain the health and durability and soundness of the panels. So according to Soleos, all you need is 

Now let us rule out the common problems that can lead to underperformance of your solar panel. Being the best Solar EPC company IN Ahmedabad, we give you Prior knowledge and clear understanding of the causes that might help you alleviate the foreseen investment.

Micro cracks and hotspots

This is what makes us the leading solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad because we take care even of the smallest facts such as micro cracks. They appear on the glass surface of the solar panels and they tend to grow in size with time compromising the effectiveness of the solar panel. However, the lamination waterproofing and stuff are preserved despite the cracks. The cause may be attributed to temperature disparity, weather conditions, or mishandling of the panels during shipping. Its repair depends upon the type of mounting. So, it is of utmost importance to ascertain the level of damage that is leading to the underperformance of the panels. And this is something that we do as the best Solar EPC company in Ahmedabad.

Loose wiring

The wiring faults causes failed connections and may lead to unanticipated issues with power generation. So, it is important to assess the connections with appropriate tools for a better experience.

Potential Induced degradation (PID)

It occurs due to the voltage fluctuations that take place between the voltage generated by the panel and the earthling of the panel. This can affect stability and lead to varying percentages of discharged voltage in the main power circuit.

Damage of inner module

Internal damages are attributed to the poor quality of products and their production. They cause potential wear and tear like discoloration of solar cells, snail trails, delamination, burning out of the back and front of the solar modules. It can be eliminated by opting for better quality products in the first place so that it can outperform the other panels. So be smart and choose us, the leading solar Rooftop company in Ahmedabad.

Damage due to external factors

Lightning, bad weather conditions, the huge disparity in the temperature fluctuation can lead to damage of the modules. However, the panels of good quality are resistant and withstand extreme conditions but if the panels are exposed to persistent conditions, then the damage is unsalvageable.

Maintenance cost of solar Panels

The maintenance cost of the solar system is between Rs. 1,000 / kW to Rs. 3,000 / kW. The larger the system, the smaller is the per kilowatt price and vice versa. Different systems have different maintenance costs. If the solar panel is installed on a grid system, then the maintenance cost is negligible because it’s a battery-free system and all other components like solar panels, solar inverters, distribution boxes, AC, DC cable easily work for 15 – 20 years without much maintenance. In maintenance, you will have to do periodic cleaning as dust forms a layer on top of your solar panels and doesn’t allow sunlight to hit the solar cells, which results in the diminished generation of electricity and hence leading to underperformance.

The maintenance can be your lookout or you are also available with the option of your partnering Solar EPC Company who can render their service of O & M of the panels after installation. Below mentioned is the average maintenance cost of Solar panels on a grid system.

Sr. noSolar System SizeMaintenance + Cleaning Cost
11kw – 10 kWRs. 2,000 / kW – Rs. 3,000 / kW
211kW – 30kWRs. 1,500 / kW – Rs. 2,000 / kW
330kW – 50kWRs. 1,000 / kW – Rs. 1,500 / kW

So here is a quick go-to checklist provided by the best solar rooftop company in Ahmedabad that can make your task easy: -

If they are taken care of then you are good to go. These tips will give you a long way with the efficiency and longevity of the solar panels. Now you might be wondering how to take care of these things on your own. Don’t worry you could easily do it with three simple steps

Soleos provides following services in O & M

We provide following services in O & M 

Do reach us out for O & M service if required because we maintain the best just when it needs.