How Solar EPC companies can make your work easy

How Solar EPC companies can make your work easy

Does your utility cost you over and above your estimated budget? Are you exhausted by spending extravagantly on poorly run projects? Are you willing to be a part of the energy revolution?

If Yes, then think about Renewable, Sustainable, Affordable, Alternative, Solar energy. If these terms still don’t ring a bell, then sooner or later, your business applications might suffer. It’s time to make smart energy decisions and target your business to look for solution providers available next to you.

Wondering who might help you in solar installation?

Welcome to the network of Solar EPC companies in Gujarat and the first name that comes with this is none other than Soleos one of the best Solar EPC companies in India. It is a one-stop complete range of solutions to all your worries. EPC traces its elements in almost every Industry in Solar, i.e., Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction companies, which are always forefront in rescuing you from implementing daunting solar projects on your own. It is a complex process involving designing, scheduling, material procurement, constructing, documenting, and managing finance and whatnot. To make your task easier from the tedious and cumbersome process of installation, Solar EPC companies in Gujarat mark their presence. They are accustomed to providing tailor-made process steps of implementation for your company. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction are simply the stages of execution of the project. Depending upon your time requirement and employee engagement, you could choose any implementation technique.

What does solar EPC company in Ahmedabad have for you?


You don’t have to have prior knowledge and expertise for the implementation of such a complex process. The solar EPC companies in Gujarat, especially solar EPC companies in Ahmedabad are already equipped with subject matter experts and resources. You just have to entrust and select a reliable company such as Soleos and the entire process is streamlined.


If you want comfortable handling of your project, you could go with a full-fledged EPC technique where everything is under one contract, leaving you with one bill to pay if you are involved with a licensed company.


If you wish to keep some stages under in-house implementation and sub-contracting other stages, solar EPC companies in Gujarat also give you the stretch.

On-time deployment:

If you are concerned about getting your project built on time, you just need to sit back and relax while Soleos, solar EPC company in Ahmedabad delivers you the best efforts on time.


To provide additional affordability, only a handful of solar EPC companies in India provide financial assistance and loans for the projects.


After successfully installing the project, the Solar EPC Companies in India provide end-to-end maintenance and monitoring. So it is a long-term investment for the company providing you with seamless support.

One-stop solution:

The benefit of Hiring an EPC for a Solar project is that you don’t have to look for micromanagers for different solar problems. You could get a comprehensive solution from a single point of contact in a cost-effective manner. To go green and sustain that way, it is important to go for a reliable EPC with diversified operations.

Return on Investment:

Another advantage is that since the post-installation of the project, the EPC provides maintenance and monitoring, you tend to recover the investment in less than estimated years. It saves the time, cost and effort involved.

Are you thinking of going Solar? Here is what Solar EPC Companies in Gujarat do for you.

Site Selection:

Based on the following parameters like Solar Potential, Soil Structure, Shading Status, Contamination and Powdering status, Energy transmission lines, weather condition, and Transportation Status the solar EPC company selects the right site for your project.

Solar Power Plant Installation:

by consideration of all the permits and approvals, the process is initiated.

Project Approval and Acceptance procedures:

The provisional and final approval of the project is processed.

Project design and Installation:

The project design is finalized according to the requirements.

Testing and Commissioning:

Before commissioning, all the pre-assessments are done on the field.

Technical and Economic feasibility study:

This is dependent on the investment, operations, and maintenance costs of the project.

Everything under one roof is made available to you therefore, it’s essential to filter out the Solar EPC companies in Gujarat. 

Choosing the Right Solar EPC company in India is of paramount importance. 

Since the use of solar energy is gaining momentum and people are more concerned about the alarming environmental conditions these days. Since this is a renewable energy source, there isn’t any chance of depletion, so investment in such a project is a win-win situation because you recover your investment in the short run and lead to cost optimization. So the EPC companies for solar are readily approached by investors for their service quality and compliance. The solar EPC companies in Gujarat own the EPC stages, which include the following parameters.

The engineering stage involves Site Evaluation, workability test, technology selection, and feasibility. Procurement requires resource allocation, commissioning and clearance, and budgeting along with time compliance.

And Construction activities involve the installation of the projects and operations management and preparation.

The most important question is why work with solar EPC companies in India? It’s because since this is a long-term and one-time investment, so you need a professionally managed firm with diversified operations and expertise that offers compliance and quality along with providing end-to-end solutions to its customers, and that makes them more reliable and dependable for the delivery of their services and solar EPC companies in India is one of them.

So look for a solar EPC company that has the following prerequisites:-

Consider 50% of the work done if you thoroughly go through such an initial assessment about the Solar EPC Company that you would be associated with. Since it is a long-term and one-time investment so prefer a solar EPC company that makes it good to go.

Worried If Solar Energy Is A Reliable Source In India? Let Us Understand The Trend.

India Is Getting Smarter, Are You?

The slump in the business due to pandemics has made industries realize that going solar is one of the best ways to cut down the operational costs. Energy costs account for 30%-40% of expenses. With rising needs, it is crucial to keep your business afloat in this challenging time in India. Due to the pandemic, many projects remained incomplete because of 80% dependency on resources from China hence disrupting the supply chain. The solar capacity addition in India was lowest in 2020 since 2016. However, the solar EPC companies in India, especially the solar EPC company in Ahmedabad are all set to scale up in 2021, according to a recent report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), and it would contribute to the revival of the economy. Moreover, it helped the companies understand that there should not be a sole source for equipment and other resourceful commodities. Since the construction stage is labor-intensive so it is expected to create some space for jobs thereby significantly increasing the employment rate in post covid era. As we move ahead, India is trying to limp back to normalcy; it is also trying to reduce its carbon footprints. It is gaining momentum and aiming big by targeting 100 GW of solar energy by 2022.

As an EPC, the Indian market is very competitive, which marks many legendary companies in the solar industry. The global solar energy market was valued at $52.5 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $223.3 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 2w0.5% from 2019-2026.

One such leading and acclaimed solar EPC company is Soleos – Solar Energy Private Limited based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, where we offer you premium quality service at a considerable price. As a solar EPC company in Ahmedabad, we are committed to Excellence and Expertise in the Industry. Soleos provide integrated and comprehensive solutions by using the latest technologies. Our focus is majorly on safety and reliability and on maximizing profit. Soleos is the first Solar Company in India providing 100% financial aid and insurance to customers. Being the best solar EPC company in Ahmedabad, Soleos values building long-term relationships with the customers in the entire journey. We have the best and sustainable solutions for all your solar queries.

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