Commercial Rooftop

Spend Today, Save Tomorrow

When electricity cost is the major factor affecting overall operation cost in commercial area. Any commercial building access the modern facility which includes large usage of electronic devices, computers, HVAC system running continuously for longer hours emitting high energy usage leading to high electricity bill. The cost increase with increase of building and manpower.


Make Your Building Saving or Earning For You

All the commercial building and apartment which is having the RCC roof facility can be utilized for Commercial Rooftop Solar Plants. Majorly this type of solar plant used to reduce the electricity bill of common load or entire building. In the current condition, Rooftop is found to be the best available option for reducing your electricity bill up to 70 %.




Petrol Pumps



Let Your Roof Earning For You

A Perfect Roof for Solar

Shadow Free Area

As your rooftop space should be free from shadow of large trees, building, or hoardings which directly affects the source of light, further hampers the efficiency in working of your solar panels.

Size of Roof

Roof size should be wide enough to carry out your requirement. If you need 10 MW solar project in your roof, space must be broad without any difficulty to place the panel.

Type of Roof (Tilt or Flat)

Shape of your roof must be flat with an angle feasible to convert simple roof into solar roof. The design of roof should be without any barrier, which can disturb the panel placement.

Wind Load and Dead Load Capacity

These also consist of engineering design considerations which include seismic behavior analysis, boundary layer wind tunnel testing, and certification.

Reasons to go for commercial rooftop

  • Reduce the shared operating expense.
  • Advantage of tax credit
  • Low installation cost
  • Move towards green energy
  • Increase in property evaluation

Reasons to go with Soleos

  • Expert engineering team head over the complex procedures like Cabling, Mounting structure and Placement procedure.
  • Provide Finance and Insurance for better coverage as per need.
  • Favorable government contact for liasoning aids in continuous work onflow.
  • Design expertise to manage non-favorable roof structure like HVAC components, pillars, tanks.

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