About Us

Move towards a bright future with solar energy.

Soleos solar is significantly one of the most potent names playing with solar energy and amongst the leading EPC providers in PAN India. Going to history, since its inception in 2005, own its footprint from some of the major continents like Europe, Asia, and Africa. Since then, empowered in some of the most important need i.e., Solar Rooftop, Ground Mount, and Solar PPA.

Soleos proved to be a time-tested return on investment, for every connected customer, where there is a number of options available in the sector, Soleos heed over sustainable solution in terms of every solar need, installing best quality of solar power plants running throughout in the performance parameters.


Our Vision

Catering defined solutions to every solar need and be a leading solar supplier across the globe.

Our Mission

  360-degree Sustainable growth is our prime focus.
  Preparing products with a perfect blend of quality,
       innovation, and technique.
  Passion with leadership quality.

Core Values of Soleos

Achieving every customer’s expectations is through ‘quality’, which has been ensured since the inception of the company.

Our customers are the center, rest everything revolves around,
When we commit towards excellence for their growth, we complete every step to reach, which helps in accomplishment of their desired goal.

A team of strong-minded people who have abilities to think new and capabilities to achieve them, working in collaboration beyond exception, for result oriented projects.

Integrity in the workplace aids in maintaining the ethical roots of honesty and morality, which has made a firm hold of our company in the market.

We drive result-oriented projects and hence take charges of all the outcomes it involves at the end.


Foundation Pillers



Accurate planning, splitting the task, and time management decrease the afterload, simplifying the task and amplifying the development.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficient projects are prepared according to the budget, while providing efficient work, no overrun, and fastest run-on task completion.


Our team comprises of inspired individuals capable of communicating and working together effectively to achieve objectives of the company.

Core abilities

Strengthening the company, exclusively lies under the manpower with core abilities to make and get the best for each and every customer.

Our Vision


Innovation and Empowerment

Creative minded people think out of the box, while making the work pattern peculiar through ingenious ideas and thought process. welcoming any new concept, while making our employees ready for every fore coming challenge is never outdated for us, which allow them to be self-determined and responsible for every task.


To be the most recommended solar EPC company in Gujarat in India


entered in the segment of solar inverter.New commencement Soleos solar France Sarl


fabrication of solar PV Poly modules.


Soleos solar S.L. introduced in the market.Spread in the international market, covered Portuguese, Turkish, and UAE.


First success- 30+ MW solar plant installed.


1st Production of 340 W Solar Poly Module.


Soles Inverter reformed under Oxygen brand.


Soleos solar Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

1st Branch of India


Successful completion of over 135 MW, in 3 years.


500+ MW installed PAN India.


One of the most trusted and recommended solar company in 2021