Solar Utility Scale Power Plant

Soleos Solar is known for the Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) service for an entire Solar Power Plant project.

For a Solar Power Plant to erect, one needs practical knowledge and mastery over site audit, system design, design specifications, the requirement of raw materials, its procurement, utility interconnection, how to physically establish the Solar Power Station, its commissioning and its regular monitoring and maintenance. The whole process requires a huge scale of operations and technical expertise with a dedicated team overlooking each and every aspect of the systems and processes.

Solar Soleos feels proud in providing bankable, innovative, easy to use, sustainable and reliable solar energy solutions to customers across the world. We offer “turnkey” working systems to our clients. With an able team and an apt Director at its helm, Soleos Solar can provide a complete spectrum of services for solar projects right from viability studies to the commissioning of the projects. Soleos Solar manages each and every stage of the project cycle with neat and clean management.

If you are worried about the commissioning, certifications or other paper works, Soleos Solar can get it done for you. We provide transparently, authenticate and a smooth experience to our customers for a pleasant and symbiotic relationship.

Be it any site or location, our unique expertise backed by vast experience in building high-performance solar plants helps us get your project done. Our top-notch engineering and construction management team in tandem with our carefully selected suppliers are efficient in developing and maintaining high-quality projects.

Soleos Solar Pvt. Ltd. offers long-term facilities for building, operating, maintaining and monitoring solar plant facilities to ensure continued, predictive energy production throughout the life span of solar plants.

Each stage of the process that ranges from evaluation to installation to certification, we efficiently take care of your Power Plant Project, always with international standards at the most competitive prices.

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 Solar Radiation mapping & monitoring

Selection of potential site analysis

Computation of probable energy output

Project Development

Contour and plain table survey

Acquisition of Land

Project feasibility, legalities

Commercial and Financial project report

Preparation of detailed project report

Application filing and other government clearances

Assistance in signing PPA with the Government

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning

Manufacturing / Supply of PV Panels

Supply of Solar Inverters

Supply of Batteries

Supply of transformers

Construction of evacuations systems

Infrastructure development

Erection of the Power Plant

Commissioning of the Power Plant

Interfacing of inter-linking equipment’s and accessories

Financing and tax advisory


No system in today’s world is without its downtime. Anytime, a fault can prop up which needs to be fixed soon to keep the system running with minimum turn around time. Operating and maintaining of a solar power system is a tad important as it supplies electricity to your important work, be it household function or street lighting solution or your factory premise or government buildings, uninterrupted supply needs to be managed efficiently.

Soleos Solar provides all the technical services required to operate and maintain a solar power generating system. We have experience of xx MW + capacity of Solar Power Plants across the world for our prestigious clients. We ensure high performance delivered for any situation to ensure the maximum system up-time and that the energy production stays optimised all the time and thereby maximisingyour ROI.

Operations and Maintenance contracts are generally multi-year contracts with annual renewals with opt-out provisions. Furthermore, such contracts can be one-stop-solution or an a la carte, as per your requirements. Soleos Solar is happy to provide you tailor-made services as per your exact requirement. For any questions, call us or e-mail us for a quick resolution.