At Soleos Solar, we believe in imparting and spreading knowledge. Information regarding different technical aspects of a product or a process is vital for the end consumers to know. The gained knowledge can help an end consumer to understand a product in a better way.

We offer at your disposal all the technical manuals, software details, certificates associated with PV technology and data sheet catalogues of different processes & systems for your kind perusal. Kindly go through them and get enriched.

Technical Manuals

Technical manuals are essentially a technical documentation of nitty-gritty of a component. Such manuals are important to understand a complex set of systems. All of us require a simple set of information that can professionally communicate the benefits and its working system of the products. We at Soleos Solar develop and forward certain technical manuals for those products that almost stays common in all the projects. These technical manuals will make you understand with the technical specifications of invertors, different PV modules, different monitoring and mounting systems. Details stretch to the level that it will showcase the performance of each electrical component at the rated and at the peak capacity. We have arranged all the technical manuals you may need. The information that you will get will assist you in understanding our products better.


Validation of a process & systems is very necessary. Quality of operations is of utmost importance when a company is dealing into technology. Maintaining perpetual top quality standards demands top performing manpower and state of the art equipment’s and continuous rigorous work with every project. Services of Soleos Solar are the pinnacle of photovoltaic technology in India.

Certification is done by reputed and industry experts and other external agencies. Certification means a company is maintaining its quality standards in all its processes. For getting a certification, a company has to undergo a rigorous regime to pass the quality standards in order to see the capability of that company. Various intermittent quality checks do happen during on going project implementation too. Such checks keepa company on toes all the time. Soleos Solar, in India is the apex company acing the top-notch quality in PV installations.


Kindly go through the list of software we use for all the processes of establishing, commissioning, monitoring and maintaining a Solar Power Plant.


Kindly go through the entire gamut of data sheet catalogue here from the stable of Soleos Solar Pvt. Ltd.