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One may wonder green plants gets energy source from the earth. But no, it gets energy source from the outside atmosphere and sun. A seed, by blending water and minerals from the ground and CO2 & sunlight from the atmosphere, becomes a tree. We tend to think, plants grown from the soil, but most of its substance comes from the open atmosphere. The cellulose and other organic compounds in the form of fruits and leaves and trunk are produced through carbon and oxygen atoms, which plants take directly from the air in the form of CO2. This means, weight of an entire trunk comes from outside. So when we burn a log in a fireplace,oxygen and carbon combine and becomes CO2 again, the same CO2 that was used earlier from the atmosphere and the light and heat that we get is a part of solar energy than went into making the trunk.

It took us more than 5000 years to put wheels on our luggage. If you look at sun as a design element, it would be like asking “how do you produce so much of energy without making noise?” If we human beings consider ourselves superior species, we should not further waste time in adopting the solar power to run our utilities. Plus these fossil resources are limited in quantity and will run out of stock sooner or later. But, human being’s requirements’ are increasing day by day. The use of Solar Energy using PV Cells offers huge favour to our fossil resource and climate. The beauty of the solar energy is that its running cost is absolutely less. Once installed, it will keep on giving you free electricity for a very long time. While for other form of mechanism, fuel needs to be bought again and again.